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Auditions for Managing Carmen

The President and Executive Committee are proud to announce the audition dates and contact details for 2021's first production: "Managing Carmen" by David Williamson, directed by Trevor Dhu. A 2012 play by David Williamson about a cross-dressing football player. The play was inspired by Williamson's concern over the influence of managers in Australian Rules Football

Auditions will take place at Garrick Theatre on the 18th and 25th of October from 1pm to 3pm.

Email: trevordhutae@gmail.com for further specific details.

Basically you will need to read or know a short monologue to present and audition in pairs to assess the best partnerships.

The audition panel will consist of the Director (Trevor Dhu), an Adjudicator (Meredith Hunter) and a qualified make up artist (Nicole Miller). We’ll be looking for chemistry between artists, physical features suited to the roles and the Brent candidate to be easily made up to look attractive in female attire.

Character Profiles

Brent - Brent Lyall is highly successful at only 24. A sensation in the world of AFL, he has al-ready been awarded two Brownlow Medals in his first four years in the major league. His manger Rohan has high hopes for his endorsement career. Despite his fame and success, Brent is distant and socially awkward. His team mates considering him a ‘lone wolf’, he prefers to sit at home and watch weighty documentaries on the history channel than attend social functions or spend time with his flashy girlfriend Clara. Not interested in endorsement deals, he begrudgingly and unsuccessfully takes part in his manager Rohan’s various endorsement schemes and commercials. On top of all this, Brent has a secret, which he must hide from everyone… in secret he likes to dress as a woman. And Carmen won’t be contained any longer…

Rohan - Rohan Swift is a Sports Manager in his 40’s. With ‘inexhaustible energy’ and an ‘explosive temper’, Rohan’s focus is to get Brent a ‘thirty million’ dollar contract…and he’ll do almost anything to get it. However with the football season approaching, Rohan is juggling endorsement deals, Brent’s inability to perform on camera and warding off snoopy sports journalist Max Upfield who is digging about for a scoop. Rohan has a lot on his hands and he may not be able to take much more. Little does he know that Carmen, his biggest problem yet, is about to be released on the public.

Jessica - Jessica Giordano is a psychologist in her 20’s. She is assigned the task of helping Brent overcome his issues with his public persona. Her belief and faith in her job sees her connecting with Brent on a new level. Her own personal struggle with her beliefs and attitudes are challenged by the fallout of Brent/Carmen and Jessica has to face her own demons before she can make up her mind on what she truly wants.

Clara - Clara Salope is Brent’s glamorous girlfriend in her 20’s. Unbeknownst to Brent, Clara has been hired by Rohan to live with Brent to boost his public image. Clara has little to no interest in Brent; however she enjoys the glamour of fame and, more importantly, the money. She lives a party lifestyle and the discovery of Carmen may just be the gold mine she’s looking for.

Max - Max Upfield is a foul-mouthed sports journalist in his 40’s. Usually found with a beer in hand and a sleazy comment on his lips, Max makes it his business to make Rohan’s life difficult and destroy Brent’s ‘flashy’ career. And he smells something fishy about Brent and he’s going to find out what it is.

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