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Agatha Rex

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Adapted by Lindsay Price from Antigone by Sophocles Directed by Gail Lusted and Caitlyn Roberts 9 – 17 August

What will be her dreadful fate

When the trumpet sounds the call

For those who stand against the state

Must first learn how to fall.

Possible expulsion, expulsion, expulsion

Agatha is a girl who stands up for her beliefs, regardless of the consequences. As student council president at Thebes High, she vigorously defends a student who is unfairly punished, daring to challenge the strict rules of Dr. Creon, the principal. Based on her actions, Agatha risks her reputation as the best student. She could be expelled and lose an important scholarship, all to fight for justice. Will the other students stand behind her?

Both the characters and the audience are left with the same question: In the same situation would you stand up for someone who is unpopular, or do you flow with the status quo?

Set in a modern-day high school, the play translates the original Greek chorus into a fantastic ensemble opportunity.

Tickets may be booked by ringing Elaine on 9378 1990, or emailing her on bookings@garricktheatre.asn.au or on the TryBooking website:https://www.trybooking.com/BDXGA

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